Robertas Šervenikas


Žanras/genre: ballet 2 acts

Instr.: 2fl-2ob-2clB-2bn-4hnF-3tptB-3tbn-tba-timp-GC-piatti-perc-xil-gl-bell-az-choir-2sop and mezzosopr from choir, pianino-str

Libr. Giedrius Kuprevičius

Premiere: LNOBT / The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Vilnius, 2013 05 24. Choreographer and Director – Robert Bondara, Conductor – Robertas Šervenikas.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis [1875-1911] has become the man of the world and that is the main theme of the ballet. Čiurlionis is much more than Lithuania or Poland, Russia or France. His biography, creative work, documents are only the inspiration and starting point. The catalogue compiled by professor Darius Kučinskas  of all Čiurlions musical pieces  became a great discovery to the author of the music who has suddenly discovered that all the power of the music was hidden in the first bars which are saturated with the light and energy that is difficult to comprehend. Some musical pieces reach us fully finished, others – only the starting fragments, but all of them radiate the power and depth of the idea. So the author has accepted  the challenge and went further to address the contemporary  public with his own music and movement. Such decision might be a surprise and  require strength and  great wish to find  different poetry and drama of the Creator. Dancing Čiurlionis and his Alter Ego is only a symbol of complicated world full of creative persons‘ dramas. The body and soul of Čiurlionis is touched by his loving and devoted women. This is his world where the demons and friends try to protect him from reality and daily dreams. Unfortunately the Creator repudiates their efforts, runs away and hides from them. And then the Death meets him. Only the Death can create the space and conditions for the Creator‘s soul to become immortal.